At HTI, our valve expertise allows us to re-manufacture main control valves and save our clients thousands of dollars over other available alternatives.

Directional control valves are the most difficult hydraulic components to re-manufacture because of the tolerances that must be maintained. Spool to bore tolerances vary from valve to valve depending on the size and application. When a valve is brought to HTI for repair some of the steps that are involved in the re-manufacturing process are:

  1. Disassembly & Assessment
  2. Bores Honed until clean and concentric throughout
  3. Spools Chromed & Refit
  4. Relief Cartridges Serviced, Reseated, Resealed, Tested and Set
  5. Load Check Valve seats & Poppets Re-machined & Reseated
  6. Reseal and Assembly
  7. Test and Report

Equipment dealers, fleet owners & owner operators rely on the valve expertise at HTI to lower their maintenance costs and keep their downtime to a minimum.