Stanfield Industrial Hydraulic Cargo Vibrators


Hydraulic Technologies is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor for STANFIELD HYDRAULIC CARGO VIBRATORS, servicing the USA and CANADA. Contact us for more information.
  • Stanfield Hydraulic Vibrators are designed for heavy duty continuous operation and are ideal for many industrial applications. Units can be supplied with portable power systems, mated to existing mobile sources, or connected to stationary in-plant hydraulics.
  • All vibrators are equipped with our patented flexible drive coupling assembly between the vibrator's eccentrics and the drive motor. Isolating the drive motor eliminates costly shut downs and motor repairs while maximizing the vibrator's life.
  • Stanfield Vibrators are designed to adjust the force and frequency independently. Positive frequency and force controls produce maximum material flow with minimum effort. In most cases, the vibrator can be plumbed into your existing hydraulic system without effecting the overall operation. (Factory service available.)
  • All units are available in a bolt-on type base for permanent mounting, or in a clamp-on type for portability.

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