Pumps and Motors

Pumps and Motors

The HTI team routinely services all types of pumps and motors used on heavy equipment and industrial applications with operating pressures up to 6000 psi and flows of up to 250 gpm.

  • Components are Disassembled and Inspected.
  • A Repair Estimate is created for your approval.
  • Parts are picked from our warehouse, ordered when necessary, or manufactured in house.
  • Components are repaired, resealed, and reassembled.
  • Components are tested, and test reports placed on file.

HTI's 550 HP Test Facility allows our Component Shop the versatility to service all brands, types and sizes of Hydraulic Pumps & Motors.

HTI maintains a large inventory of parts for pumps and motors found on most hydraulic excavators on today's market so that we can minimize your downtime.

The most important ingredient to quality repairs is our highly experienced staff of service managers and technicians.

Pump Testing and Repair

Test Facility

Our 550 HP test bench allows us to test and set up your component before it leaves our shop and is installed on your system. Most hydraulic systems are complex and thereby have a number of variables that can create issues. By testing your component in our Controlled Test Facility, we eliminate the variables, and are able to isolate and thoroughly test and set-up your component.

You are assured of confidence and peace of mind.