Parker Denison

Parker Denison Products

Vane Pumps

Parker Denison's full range of vane pumps and motors operate at pressures in excess of 4,500 PSI and vary in displacement from 0.35 cubic inches to 16 cubic inches, and in flows from 1 to 250 GPM Parker Denison vane pumps are recognized as the strongest products in the hydraulics industry and are distinguished by their unique patented double-lip design, in which the vane is in contact with the cam ring at two points rather than at one as with the single-lip design. This double-lip design makes the vane pumps less susceptible to contamination than single-lip pumps.

Piston Pumps and Motors

Parker Denison's full range of piston pumps operate at pressures as high as 7,250 PSI and vary in displacement from 0.9 cubic inches to 38.9 cubic inches, and in flow from 11 to 303 GPM. Parker Denison is well-known in the hydraulics industry for their large-size high pressure piston pumps, offered under our Gold Cup and Premier Series. Parker Denison's large-size high pressure piston pumps are distinguished by their proprietary "barrel-bearing" design, which enables pumps to run in stable conditions at high speeds and pressures. The sturdy piston pump construction results in a longer life cycle in severe duty applications such as heavy mining equipment and aircraft carrier steering systems.