Contamination is the number one cause of failure in hydraulic and lube systems. Sudden unexpected failures cause downtime, component and fluid replacement, higher maintenance charges and of course the cost of unexpected downtime and loss of production. Our hydraulic filters deliver positive protection against contamination, giving you reliability for your hydraulic systems and components. HTI is a distributor for Hydac International and Cim-tek Filtration.


Rent an Oil Purifier

Hydac FAM Portable Oil Purifier - (image on right) Clients can rent HTI's Hydac FAM 30, a Portable Vacuum Dehumidifier unit that removes emulsified water and particulate contamination from hydraulic, lube and turbine oils. The FAM 30 has an on-board touch screen PLC unit that monitors water absorption levels in the oil being filtered.

Features and Benefits

  • Extend Fluid Life
  • Reduce Disposal Costs
  • Reduce Fluid Changes
  • Simple Automated Operation
  • Improve System Performance
  • Increased Equipment Reliability
  • Reduce Corrosion and Wear within Fluid Systems

Filtration Systems

Whether you need the system protection pressure filters offer, the ease and versatility of spin on filters, compact in-tank return filters, emulsified water, or free-standing water removal call the HTI Technical sales team for a free system filtration evaluation.